Saiph Centauri is a Mercenary sentenced to death. Will she escape her fate? You decide.

She could have been a daughter of the stars. You decided to make her a child of storms. You forged her path. What will you choose to happen next?

The Mercenary and the Aeryen Empire, A Queen of Stars and Storms Novella

Chapter 1

Like a beating drum, Saiph Centauri’s heart pounded. Her chest got tighter and tigher. She was trying really hard to control her breathing, but panic was settling in faster than reason. She was stuck. And running out of time.

Saiph thrusted herself to the side and winced. Her hand reached her ribs where the Aeryens had clubbed her earlier. She used to make fun of the air elementals. She thought them as weak as the powers they were cursed with.

She was a fool. They had her beaten and chained before she could summon a drop of water.

Saiph looked around. They had her in some kind of cell. Or so she thought. The wretched space was so bright, the light blinded her. She lay on her side and became still. She willed paranioa away and breathed. There had to be a way out.

There was always a way out.

Her eyes remained open, trying to pick out any kind of image from the ivory blanket washing over her sight. Saiph fisted her hands and tried summoning water.


A gush of air so cold lashed across her spine like crackling heat. She screamed, her body arching in pain. The air around her tightened making it harder to breathe. Her mind filled with fear, and the panic returned.

No! She couldn’t give in. She was taught better.

Saiph rolled over to her knees, hacking, wrists shackled by manacles of packed wind. Idiots. They didn’t shackle her ankles too.

Her nose crinkled. They underestimated her. Fine. She’d use their ignorance to her advantage.

Saiph shook her head. Once, twice, three times. Spots cleared, and the blinding white faded. An empty, dingy cell materialized. Her eyes looked around, up and to the sides. High pillars of cloud rose far into the heavens no matter where she looked. Her peers back home lied. They said the clouds were ivory like snow. But these were as azure as the waters of her home.

And they were endless.

This had to be some kind of mind game. Some ploy to get her rattled. Make her think she was home, only to strip her from it. She scowled.

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The Mercenary and the Aeryen Empire is a prequel novella to The Queen of Stars and Storms YA fantasy series.

Meet the Mercenary in this adventurous, epic YA fantasy series.