Tainted Scarlet – Autographed Paperback

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Harlot or heroine? Only she can decide her fate.

Lyselle Efriel is a Bordello Madam working to gain her freedom from a brutal Fae kingdom. She rules her Bordello with class, luxury, and maintains it as a den of secrets and salacious pleasure. When the High King threatens to shut her down, he gives her a proposition: She can keep the thriving brothel, if she will become the High King’s secret mistress. Yielding to the High King, Lyselle believes she finally has a way to freedom from Eiko and it’s dangerous, and devious Fae.

As she flounces between her booming Bordello and the emerald castle, Lyselle realizes there are more secrets, and dangers, plaguing the Fae than she knew before. When two elves are caught spying on the Fae, she learns war is coming to Eiko that could ruin her chance at freedom and destroy everything she holds dear. When the elves make her an irresistible offer, Lyselle will have to decide, will she remain a harlot, or will she betray the Fae in hope of getting what she desperately wants?

With bewitching characters, tantalizing romance, and page-turning suspense, this new fantasy series by author Stephanie BwaBwa delves into the power of love, the sacrifice for freedom, and redemption for the damned in this thrilling, biblical retelling of the harlot called Rahab.